Aqualisa Rise concealed inc riser rail - pumped

Product no.: Aqualisa Rise with riser rail - pumped

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  • Suitable for Gravity fed  Systems
  • One touch control with 'shower ready' lighting display
  • Including remote control
  • Featuring a clever warm up feature, that allows you to decide exactly when to step into your shower. Once the water has reached your set temperature, The Aqualisa Rise will hold the flow of water for 5 mins to reduce water waste. The display on your control will tell you when it’s ready.
  • Including a Rise Digital Shower Pause that’s a great way to save water while shampooing your hair.  With a Led display indicating your pause time of 30 seconds to start your shower again.
  • In the unlikely event that you do have a problem with your shower, Aqualisa have a nationwide customer helpline to talk though any issues you may have.
  • 5 Year Guarantee